Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fast Forward

The Hype Machine reports: [edited]

Fast Forward is a speedy, immersive way to explore new music being discussed by the world-class blogs we index at The Hype Machine. Fast Forward is like a spinning radio dial across radio stations curated by music bloggers.

From the latest, popular, or genre channels of blogged music, we show you screenshots of related blog posts, while playing short samples of the songs being discussed.

Want to read the whole post? Click the big image on your screen.

Like the song? Click the heart to add it to your Hype Machine favorites.

Use your arrow keys, space bar, or the > button to skip to the next sample.

Now, do this for a few minutes. The favorites you add via Fast Forward won’t be auto-posted to Twitter or scrobbled to, if you have that enabled on the Hype Machine, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

To give it a whirl click here.

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