Monday, April 18, 2011

Sphero reports: [edited]

The beauty of Sphero is that the function of Sphero isn't determined by the physical device, but by the software that is controlling it. For instance, a RC car is always a RC car, but Sphero could be a game of Sumo, a game of Office Golf, or even a wrecking ball knocking over augmented reality glass towers in your living room.

We chose Bluetooth as the wireless connection for Sphero. All you have to do is pair with the Sphero once and you're all set. The next time you want to use Sphero simply tap it twice to wake it up and it will automatically connect to your phone!

Using an RGB LED light, Sphero can glow in thousands of different colors. Choose your favorite color with the on screen color picker or choose your team color in a multiplayer game of red vs blue. You could set Sphero to glow red when a particular stock goes down and green when it goes up or maybe set it to glow blue if there is a chance of rain and a shade of red depending on the current outdoor temperature.

Induction charging has been commonly used in electric toothbrushes. We have brought the technology to Sphero. No wires are required, nothing to plug in, simply set Sphero down in its charger base and electricity will be wirelessly transmitted into Sphero to charge the batteries.

In a traditional remote controlled device, like a RC car you have two basic controls, front and back, left and right. When the RC car is driving away from you if you turn the control left, the car will turn left, turn the control right, the car will go right. When the car is driving towards you, however, the controls are reversed. If you turn the control left, the car will go right. With Sphero this isn't the case. No matter how Sphero is oriented if you push the control right, Sphero will go right, push the control down and left, Sphero will roll down and left.

Available late 2011. Price approx. $100.

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