Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Todd The Vinyl Junkie Portable Slim amplifier

cnet reports: [edited]

The Todd The Vinyl Junkie Portable Slim amplifier ($349) really works and will take the sound of an iPod, or any portable player, to the next level. The amp's chassis is a similar size to an iPod Classic.

The Slim's rechargeable lithium ion battery provides 15 hours of playback time. It recharges in about 2 hours from a USB port or a USB wall charger; you can also operate the amp while it's plugged in. The Slim hooks up to an iPod's multipin connector, or other types of players' headphone jacks.

The amp uses a microprocessor analog-stepped rotary volume control. Each of the 32 steps changes the volume level by a precise 2dB. The volume setting is indicated by the color of the front-panel LED (red at low volume, green at moderate volume, then light blue, then dark blue, and so on). There's also a switch to select 0dB, 10dB, or 20dB of gain to accommodate all sorts of headphones.

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