Saturday, January 01, 2011

Resolutions 2010 assessed

1. Get building work done on house
Nope: ongoing insurance company negotiations prevented this.

2. Clear out remaining clutter from house
Partial success, consider an ongoing project.

3. Write a piece on 'inhabiting space' concept
See 2.

4. Watch or dispose of the unwatched DVDs in my collection
See 2.

5. Work at ways of not hating weight training/running

6. Book at least one 'proper' holiday

7. Stop biting/picking at fingers
Biting: yes, Picking: no.

8. Read through Bible using iPhone
Yes: moved to using iPad mid-year.

9. Read at least one novel
No, unless graphic novels count.

10. Supplement journaling using iPhone

11. Work on '66 Books' blog
Yes. Although, in doing so decided that other people do it a lot better than me, so will not be pursuing it as a public project.

12. Update Bible commentary collection
Yes. Now got to read them!

13. Develop understanding and practice of Pilates

14. Learn how to use Dreamweaver CS4
Yes. Still loathe it though.

15. Gain a greater understanding of CSS, PURLs, etc
See 14.

16. Redesign X1 web site

17. Build time into journeys to allow for taking photographs

18. Complete a large painting with kidz
No. But have a plan for what to do.

19. Practice guitar for at least 30 minutes per week

20. Design & produce Christmas card


Coel said...

Number 15 says see 15...

brett jordan said...

thanks coel, duly corrected