Friday, November 12, 2010

Apple-1 computer up for auction

Daily Record reports: [edited]

The first Apple computer that company founder Steve Jobs sold from his parents' garage is for sale - with a price tag of £150,000.

There were about 200 examples of the original "Apple-1" launched in 1976 and only a few survive. They came with a tiny 8k memory, and cost $666. This example will be auctioned off by Christie's of London.

It comes with packaging, manuals and a letter from Steve Jobs. He appears to be answering questions about what monitors and keyboards are best to use.


AaB's Blog said...

I wish I had £150,000 spare.
What a great thing to own.

I wonder if my wife would understand if I remortgaged a little.

Don't answer that Brett.

brett jordan said...

i won't :-)

Can Opener Boy said...

Somewhere in my basement I have a still-shrink-wrapped boxed original version of hypercard. I think the system requirements call for OS 5.something. I've wondered what its is worth. Probably not £150,000...

brett jordan said...

sadly i fear you are correct :-)

ian said...

I love your blog. I really do. The way you talked here is very informative.

ian said...

Very informative, thank you. I’ve been blogging on and off for almost 3 years, but have never had much of a focus – I tend to just write about whatever is on my mind when I feel like writing.