Friday, September 17, 2010

World's Simplest Cell Phone?

John's reports: [edited]

John’s Phone Snow is the world’s simplest white cell phone: no frills and no unnecessary features such as a camera, text messaging and an endless number of ringtones. You call, you hang up, and that’s it.

John’s Phone is compatible with any type of SIM card. Pay as you go and SIM-only contracts, both national and international. John’s Phone offers global roaming, except on the 3G networks in South Korea and Japan.

With its standby time of more than 3 weeks, John's Phone is perfect for use while travelling or driving.

The back of the phone features a small opening with an address book and pen – two unique features you can use even when your phone is switched off.

In addition, it includes an earphone that allows you to call hands-free while driving.

Price: €70


Brook Terence Clive Jordan-McArdle said...

And he has the cheek to sell it for 50 quid?

soraneko said...

S'true, I can get a cheap Nokia for £20!

brett jordan said...

yeah, but i bet it doesn't have a notepad in the back of it :-)