Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Apple Magic Trackpad

Apple reports: [edited]

Magic Trackpad is just like the trackpad on the MacBook Pro — but bigger. With nearly 80 percent more area, it’s the largest multi-touch trackpad made by Apple. So there’s even more room for you to scroll, swipe, pinch, and rotate to your fingers’ content. And since the entire surface is a button that clicks, you can use it in place of a mouse.

It features the same sculpted aluminum design as the Apple Wireless Keyboard, and side by side the two sit flush at the same angle and height. Go from typing to gesturing in one motion, or do both at the same time.

It connects to your Mac via Bluetooth. Use it in conjunction with the Apple Wireless Keyboard for a cable-free, uncluttered workspace. And if you feel like venturing away from your desk, Magic Trackpad maintains a reliable and secure connection up to 10 metres away from your Mac.

Price £59.00

For a 'first-impressions' review, click here.


soraneko said...

That's quite cool apart from the fact that... don't most people who use a mouse... kind of... prefer using a mouse?

brett jordan said...

i think this is aimed at people used to using trackpads (like certain kidz i know) who also use desktop computers... i certainly won't be ditching my mouse any time soon, but look forward to trying a magic trackpad out the next time i visit westfield...