Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Poach Pods

Poached eggs are one of my favourite breakfast ingredients. The only drawback is that the stray egg white take ages to scrape off the pan sides. Enter Poach Pods, silicone moulds that you break an egg into (don't bother about oiling 'em first, waste of time!), lower into a pan of simmering water, put the lid on and leave for five minutes, before scooping it out with a large metal spoon.

Barring a 'capsize' incident, there will be no mess in the pan, and if you leave the Poach Pod to dry, the egg white separates from the silicone of its own accord.


Major Look said...

They look great and was going to buy a set, but was shocked that Lakeland site charges £4.25 postage for these items that are £4.99.

brett jordan said...

yep, that's a bit steep... i picked up mine from waitrose, although they are available from amazon for a fiver, inc. postage


there are also some very cool looking ones for £3.77 inc. postage, not sure how well they work though...


Major Look said...

Thanks for the links - I have ordered a set from Amazon :-)