Thursday, April 01, 2010


I Want One Of Those reports: [edited]

Fancy an iPad but can't stretch the budget quite that far? Well why not get yourself a Pad-Dock? It's a portable dock for your iPhone that magically turns it into an iPad!

Using a touch-screen magnifier, your iPhone screen is enlarged to the exact dimensions of an iPad. Most of the features that the iPad boasts about are on the iPhone anyway, so it only makes good sense to simply enlarge it. And, unlike the iPad, you can actually answer and make calls. Technology, eh?

The slot on the reverse cradles your precious iPhone and, crucially, puts it in the right place to be magnified. We won't get too technical, but the Pad-Dock perfectly enlarges the pixels on your iPhone and reassembles them on the iPad-size touch-screen, ready for you to enjoy. You can charge it up via USB, and the battery is good for a whopping 22 hours so the fun doesn't have to end any time soon.


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