Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sony to launch ultra-compact dslr range

Digital Camera Review reports: [edited]

Sony kicked off PMA 2010 by launching a new ultra-compact interchangeable lens concept. They showed a trio of mock-up cameras and revealed very limited preliminary specs about the system and a new Exmor APS HD MOS sensor.

Behind the new concept is a new APS sized sensor, named appropriately enough, the Exmor APS HD MOS sensor. It will outsize its Micro Four Thirds competitors and offer 1080p HD AVCHD video recording. Along with the new sensor, Sony has committed to developing three types of new compact lenses to match the small form factor of the new system.

Sony was very tight-lipped about the details of the new system. We weren't given a megapixel count for the new sensor or details about the new lenses on the line. They did promise that the system would launch in 2010 and instructed us all to "stay tuned."

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