Friday, February 26, 2010


MacStories reports on the latest free Mac OSX video player: [edited]

Movist features a simple and minimal UI. From the control panel you can adjust video brightness, saturation, contrast and hue, change the play speed, adjust subtitles settings and sync. Simple and straighforward.

Movist has an excellent support for keyboard shortcuts (you can take a look at them in the menubar menus) but unfortunately there’s no support for adjusting audio on-the-fly in 50ms like VLC does with the F and G keys.

Where Movist really outstands the competition is in file support. It’s the only app that plays .mkv files perfectly, even when VLC was crashing. Moreover, Movist plays .wmw files faster than Quicktime, and you can also switch from FFmpeg to Quicktime playback with a single click on a toolbar button.

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