Thursday, January 14, 2010

Yike Bike

Register Hardware reports: [edited]

A bunch of 'entrepreneurs, engineers and dreamers' have turned their backs on headline-grabbing e-cars to come up with an electrically powered shrunken penny-farthing. Yike Bike has been designed to 'dramatically change' urban transport by providing city dwellers with a fast, safe and easy way to get around town.

The travel gadget’s frame is constructed from carbon composite, weighs in at 9.8kg and folds away into a compact 43 litre unit once you reach your destination.

A lithium-ion battery lets the rider travel at speeds of up to 14mph, but Yike Bike only has a maximum distance of six miles. Its battery can be fully recharged in 30 minutes, the designers said.

Online advance orders are currently being taken for the Yike Bike, which will cost up to £3480. An arrival date hasn’t been announced.

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Brett's 2p'orth: I would love the chance to try one of these out, but having watched the video the Yike is worryingly reminiscent of a two wheel Sinclair C5. The thought of piloting this through city traffic is terrifying.



Major Look said...

I guess it is a good starting point, but definitely more development needed!!

BJMonkey said...

And it makes you look so cool when you're riding it... -_-

brett jordan said...

major look: a LOT more development!

bjmonkey: yep, segway owners must be breathing a sigh of relief at no longer being the stupidest-looking riders!