Monday, January 04, 2010

Resolutions 2010

1. Get building work done on house
2. Clear out remaining clutter from house
3. Write a piece on 'inhabiting space' concept
4. Watch or dispose of the unwatched DVDs in my collection
5. Work at ways of not hating weight training/running
6. Book at least one 'proper' holiday
7. Stop biting/picking at fingers
8. Read through Bible using iPhone
9. Read at least one novel
10. Supplement journaling using iPhone
11. Work on '66 Books' blog
12. Update Bible commentary collection
13. Develop understanding and practice of Pilates
14. Learn how to use Dreamweaver CS4
15. Gain a greater understanding of CSS, PURLs, etc
16. Redesign X1 web site
17. Build time into journeys to allow for taking photographs
18. Complete a large painting with kidz
19. Practice guitar for at least 30 minutes per week
20. Design & produce Christmas card


Major Look said...

Regarding the DVD's, I think you should look at using Handbrake to convert them to MP4's and serve them from a Server - that would mean you get to keep all the films, and gain loads of space. Also easy to catalogue.

If you are worried about the quality etc, then just box up the DVD's once converted and they are still available when new technology allows better conversion settings?

brett jordan said...

i'll give that some thought... although there is something i like about browsing through the racks for something to watch... and anyway, what would i do with my dvd rewinder?

Major Look said...

I could tell you what to do with the rewinder, but you may find it both offensive and painful!