Thursday, January 07, 2010

360 degrees of Prague

An 18 gigapixel, 360˚ panorama of Prague from the TV tower constructed from thousands of carefully taken images.

For more information click here


Major Look said...

Wow - that's brilliant, love the detail. I looked on the 360 degree homepage and note that there are none of any locations in the UK :-(

brett jordan said...

looks like it's time for you to start climbing some tv towers mr look :-)

Ben J Hamilton said...

I went up that tower once. I’d completely forgotten about it until I saw this post. Would be fantastic if the tower was up the mountain where the castle is but still.

BJMonkey said...

Now get him to print it off onto the inside of a person sized sphere that we can walk into.

brett jordan said...

brook: :-), or maybe sprayed onto the inside of a zorb?