Monday, November 16, 2009

Only in America...

Wired reports: [edited]

A California company has combined a Corvette with a luxury speedboat and thrown in some jet ski to create the WaterCar Python.

For around $170,000, you can pick up a Python rolling chassis and install a General Motors LS series engine of your choosing — from a used LS1 to the same mind-bendingly powerful LS9 found in the Corvette ZR1. Choose that level of insanity and WaterCar estimates the engine and transaxle installation should run an additional $30 to $50K.

Once installed, the Python will make short work of your trip to the boat launch with an average 0-60 time of 4.5 seconds. Once you get to the yacht club, stun your high society friends by driving the Python straight into the water, pressing one button to retract the wheels and another to start the jet. You’ll be gliding on a bright blue highway in seconds. Far from a glorified Amphicar, this baby can do 60 mph on the water.

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BJMonkey said...

wonder if being amphibious is the excuse given for it's poor style choice?