Tuesday, November 24, 2009

27" Quad Core Mac review

ComputerWorld has reviewed Apple's fastest iMac yet, excerpts follow:

"...finally, the the Core i5 and Core i7 27-inch iMacs have arrived - and let me tell you, it was worth the wait."

"With the new 2.66GHz Core i5 iMac and the 2.8GHz Core i7 iMac, Apple has not only blurred the line between consumer and professional systems, it's darn near erased it."

"The 2.66GHz Core i5 iMac offers faster performance at most tasks than the 2.66GHz Quad-Core Mac Pro. The Core i5 iMac also has more memory and more storage space than the 2.66GHz Quad-Core Mac Pro, while being $500 less (plus you get a 27-inch screen with the iMac)."

"Unless you absolutely require additional PCI cards, multiple internal hard drives, or a lot of RAM, the Core i5 iMac makes a strong case for the being the go-to system for most Mac professionals."

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cartucho r4i said...

Very nice, and quite a nice package even for professionals, although there are reports that the screen can't be calibrated as well as one would expect. Even so, I plan to pick up an i7 as a backup production machine.