Thursday, October 01, 2009

Helvetica or Arial? is hosting a (surprisingly difficult) multiple-choice quiz in which 20 logos employing Helvetica are juxtaposed with Arial-substituted facsimiles. Modesty forbids that I reveal my score, but if you've got a couple of minutes spare, click here.


BJMonkey said...

So what was your score?

brett jordan said...


Conrad Gempf said...

15 ... but quite frankly, some of them I couldn't see any difference between! Mattel !!

brett jordan said...

yes, mattel, staples and toyota were all a bit dodgy... arial's A is a tad more 'splayed', and the M more 'squished', and the middle arm of the E is a tiny bit higher on Arial... i think the S on the 'Arial' Staples is wrong, and the TOYOTAs were also suspect!

brecon said...

The G is very different, Helvetica can appear slightly blurred compared to arial, plus the differences you mentioned :)

I got 20/20 :D

Also Helvetica appears slightly more chunky

The whole font is alot more chunky than arial