Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Final Fantasy VII, Advent Children - Blu-ray

I blogged on this movie in 2006. It has recently been re-released in Blu-ray format.

26 minutes longer than the original, the Blu-ray version has been completely remastered and re-rendered in 1080p, using an AVC, 20Mbps codec. Detail is stunning, especially in dark areas and the characters' hair (one of the Square Enix team's specialities) is exquisite.

The sound quality is equally excellent, with detailed (but not intrusive) separation, clear vocals and subtle surround-sound effects. The range of sounds is very wide, with the high-end occasionally causing 'popping' sounds from my non-DTS approved tweeters.

If you've never seen this before, enjoy the anime genre, and have a decent AV system, this is worth buying. If you enjoyed this on DVD and possess a decent AV system, it's worth renting.


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