Friday, August 28, 2009

Motorola S9 headset

I'm not known for being an overly sensitive person. But my skin is. I don't like wearing jewellery, and the majority of my clothes are made of natural fibres. For that reason, I have always disliked conventional headsets, as I am constantly aware of the wires snagging and tugging my skin/clothing.

So when I was looking for a Bluetooth stereo headset for my iPhone 3GS, I was dismayed to find that most 'wireless' stereo headsets still have wires!

The S9 does not, however comments following online reviews of the unit regularly mention:

1. The intermittent Bluetooth connection.

2. Its susceptibility to sweat.

3. The lack of compatibility with the iPhone.

4. Its poor microphone.

However, I saw a pair of them online for less than £30, so I took the plunge. The set I received contained a charger, a nylon carry bag and an armband that holds my iPhone and a house-key for when I go out running.

Pairing it with my iPhone was simple. The volume and play/pause buttons work fine, but not the next track/last track buttons. I have yet to received a phone call while wearing them, so can't speak for that function, nor have I got them wet.

It is a one-piece unit that loops behind your neck, clamping the earpieces into your lugholes. On a baldy like me the appearance is faintly comical, as if someone has fitted me with a grabhandle. But they sit comfortably enough, WITH NO WIRES!

Build-quality is generally good, but the flap that covers the charger socket fits poorly.

The sound quality is OK, probably on a par with the 'standard' wired iPhone headsets, with slightly stronger, less-controlled bass.

Sound dropouts do occur, especially if you are holding the iPhone in your hand. It seems to be better when the headset and transmitter are kept at a constant distance, as when I leave the iPhone in my backpack, or in the supplied armband.

Overall, I am happy with my purchase. Motorola has released an 'HD' version of the headset in the US which is identical in shape, but with 'SRS WOW HD technology, better background noise isolation and new side control buttons with improved moisture protection' which I will be checking-out when it become available in this country. For a review of the HD unit visit

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