Friday, July 31, 2009

Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZX1

Digital Photography Review reports: [edited]

Panasonic has launched the Lumix DMC-ZX1, incorporating the world’s first 0.3mm aspherical and spherical lens elements. The super-zoom compact with an 8x optical zoom lens starting at a wide 25mm equivalent, features a 12.1MP sensor and and 2.7 inch LCD. It includes Panasonic's latest Power OIS image stabilizer that the company says offers twice the shake suppression capability of the previous Mega OIS stabilizer.

Zoom range: 25-200mm (35mm equiv)
Weight: 138g
Dimensions: 98 x 63 x 23 mm

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micah said...

I switched from the panasonic pre-seeded by this one to the 'gadget shows' top recommendation after much testing. Bad Move. Get the panasonic lumix!