Thursday, June 25, 2009

Folding three-pin plug concept

Register Hardware reports: [edited]

Although still just a prototype, designer Min Kyo Choi has rewired a UK three-pin plug into design that's just 48 x 44 x 10mm.

By fixing the live and neutral pins onto a twisting body, both can be rotated from a horizontal to vertical position so that they sit underneath the plug’s earth pin. At the same time, the plug’s body can be folded closed like a book – reducing much of its bulk.

When it comes to slotting the plug into an outlet, the process is as simple as twisting the two bottom pins into the horizontal position and opening up the two flaps.

In between the flaps there’s a finger slot for pulling the plug out of the socket once you’re done. This section also contains the plug’s fuse.

No plans to mass produce the plug have been announced.

For a video presentation click here.

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