Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Convergence continues...

If you own an iPhone and are contemplating purchasing a satnav device, or an in-car charger/bracket, you might want to wait a while.

TomTom are releasing a turn-by-turn navigation app for iPhone including IQ Routes and latest maps from Tele Atlas to coincide with the release of Apple’s OS 3.0 operating system.

The TomTom car kit for iPhone, a specially developed car kit for docking, enhanced GPS performance, voice instructions, hands-free calling and in-car charging will (inexplicably) be available 'later this summer'.

Prices haven't been announced, but for more information, and a lo-res video presentation click here.


Major Look said...

See - it's cos the iPhone now has a compass - I knew it was a major feature!!

brett jordan said...

i wish i was clever like you... how come you got all the looks and the brains?