Wednesday, June 03, 2009

3 months without alcohol

One of my resolutions for 2009 was to abstain from alcohol from 1 March to 31 May. This was for a number of reasons including:

– My suspicion that I was becoming psychologically dependent on it
– A fascination with what it would be like to live without it
– To see what effect it would have on my health/physique

What follows is an unedited record of my weekly log followed by a brief conclusion.

First week - 78kg

– Dull headache
– Don't enjoy food as much
– Films aren't as interesting
– Ennui
– Constant temptation in evenings to open a bottle of wine
– Increased hunger (especially for sugary things)
– Increased desire to drink tea/diet coke

Second week - 77kg

– Stomach fat reducing
– Dull headache still present, but fading
– Feel more outgoing/confident
– Wake up more alert/rested
– Craving for a glass of wine in evening still v. strong
– Better body temperature regulation
– Joints seem less stiff

Third week - 76.5kg

– Much more awake during day
– Seem to have 'more time' at evenings/weekend
– Reading more

Fourth week - 76 kg

– Dull headaches occassionally recurring
– Sleeping better, and waking refreshed
– Wake up in morning not busting to go to toilet
– Able to nap in afternoon without feeling awful when waking up
– More enthusiastic about work
– More decisive & outgoing

fifth week - 76 kg

– Don't need to nap at weekends in the afternoon
– Body fat percentage still (slowly) reducing

Sixth week - 76kg

– Desire for alcohol much less, but remains
– Seriously considering long-term teetotaldom
– Facial skin less sensitive after shaving

Seventh week - 75.5kg

– Desire for alcohol returned with a vengeance
– Maybe linked to a cold/hayfever, but not feeling brilliant
– Muscle-strength/fitness reduced
– Able to concentrate on reading for longer

Eighth week - 75 kg

– Cravings still strong, but not as bad as Week 7
– Stomach fat levels still reducing
– Weight stable, strength returning
– Positive attitude/clearer thinking

Ninth week - 75kg

– Skin on face noticeably clearer
– Ingrowing hairs seem to be decreasing
– Sleep noticeably better, more refreshed on waking

Tenth week - 74.5kg

– Sub 8-minute miles on 4 mile run
– STILL missing alcohol!

Eleventh week - 74kg

– Tired during weights sessions, upped protein/calorie intake
– Noticeable fat loss around mid-section

Twelfth week - 74.5kg

– More energy during weights sessions
– Skin on face noticeably healthier
– Hatred of shaving not as great

Thirteenth week - 75kg

– A couple of people at the gym noted that i was 'looking more solid'
– Friday: incredible craving for alcohol in afternoon
– Saturday/Sunday: drive to Lincoln far less arduous


It was a fascinating experiment.

– The cravings for a drink of wine were surprisingly strong
– The reduction in body fat levels was a welcome side-effect
– The improvement in skin health was also a bonus
– The changes in mood and attention span were significant

Oh, and the first glass of wine was a disappointment, but the second was an epiphanic experience.


AaB said...

Well done with 'keeping with it'!

I haven't had a drink since last night!!!!!
15hrs and feeling great.

brett jordan said...

I've stopped drinking, but only while I'm asleep.

- George Best