Thursday, May 21, 2009

Urban Cross Stitching

Fresh from the 'You Couldn't Make It Up' department, Urban Cross Stitching reports: [edited]

'You heard it here first, cross-stitch is the new knitting'

Urban Cross Stitch are dedicated to 'urban-craft', updating cross stitch from twee pastime to modern graphic medium.

Urban Cross Stitch Kits, inspired by street art and popular culture, contain everything required to create your own contemporary, hand crafted cross stitch image.

All our designs can also be ordered as finished stitched pieces, mounted and framed, or, we can customise and create unique image using your own image

Urban Cross Stitch is the brainchild of London based pattern-cutter, Phil Davison. After taking time off from the couture fashion world, Phil learned to cross-stitch in Arkansas, USA, where an elderly family friend taught him the basics.

On returning to London Phil was inspired to combine his newfound love of cross-stitch with his existing love of street art, so created his own brand, Urban Cross Stitch.

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BJMonkey said...

I like how the events gallery shows all the cakes but no cross stitching.