Monday, June 01, 2009

Sharp developing 5-colours-per-pixel LCD screen

Register Hardware reports: [edited]

Sharp has developed a LCD panel that mixes the hue of each pixel from a palette of five colours rather than the usual three. The result, the company claims, is the ability to render faithfully the colour space of the human eye.

Sharp's 60" prototype has a 1920 x 1080 resolution. Each one of those 2,073,600 pixels has the usual red, green and blue colour elements, plus cyan and yellow sub-pixels.

The extra colours extend the colour gamut to the point where it can reproduce more than 99 per cent (so, 100%? Ed.) of real surface colours as defined by the Pointer colour space, a standard for real surface colours derived from measurements of real-world colours from paints, inks, coloured paper, and other materials and pigments.

Sharp will demo the prototype at the Society for Information Display conference in San Antonio, Texas this week.


BJMonkey said...

Dad never went to school so he's never heard of decimals.

brett jordan said...

My son, on the other hand, received an excellent education... but they obviously omitted to teach him survival skills... looking forward to seeing you on Friday Brook :-)