Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Fujifilm Finepix F200 EXR

Digital Photography Review have just published a full review of Fuji's latest high-end compact. To summarise the summary...

"Followers of Fujifilm's compacts will see the F200 EXR as sitting in the shadow of the much sought-after F30 and F31fd, but for the wider market it's undoubtedly a much improved camera."

"The F200 EXR proves itself to be a very pleasant camera to use. It'll do all the thinking for you - produce reliably good images without you having to understand color filter arrays or worry about what's going on behind the scenes."

"The way the EXR Auto system works lends itself particularly well to users that don't want to post-process (nor worry about what post-processing is), but just want clean photos from family get-togethers and holiday snaps with fewer bleached-out white skies."

"Alternatively you can specify which mode the camera uses, adjust more of the settings and take a bit more control of your shooting... on the whole it's a camera that can be trusted to help rather than hinder your photographic ambitions."

"So it's both a camera for the family and one that a keen photographer can enjoy and get some great results out of. It's built around a very useful lens (28-140mm is not a range you'll find matched by other cameras this small), and offers image quality at least up to the standards of its contemporaries."

"The EXR modes are worth having - the dynamic range mode is astonishingly capable if you're happy with the 6MP output."

"While it's not the breakthrough camera we hoped it might be, it's at least as good as its peers and occasionally better."

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