Thursday, April 16, 2009

Scrabble 2009 (Nintendo DS)

Forget Killzone 2 and Grand Theft Auto, Scrabble is the best game in the world. And now it is available in a 'new and improved' form (using, allegedly, the Collins Official Scrabble Dictionary) for the Nintendo DS.

- Clear graphics
- Fast gameplay
- Reasonably priced (£15)
- It's Scrabble!

- Quirky (read 'limited/wrong') dictionary
- Annoying animated 'hints & tips' on top screen
- I'm fairly sure that Esme (cleverest opponent) cheats

If you enjoy Scrabble, and are willing to watch the DS getting away with some very suspect words it is a diverting way of spending the odd 15-30 minutes.

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Puzzles Sudoku said...

Thank you for this review. I'm planning to buy the Nintendo DS version.