Thursday, April 23, 2009

Gorilla-friendly glasses

BoingBoing reports: [edited]

The Rotterdam Zoo is giving away 'gorilla-viewing glasses', intended to avoid incidents in which gorillas attack visitors for making eye contact with them. The glasses' introduction follows a serious attack.

The spectacles are sponsored by an entrepeneurial health-insurance company.


AaB said...

22 days late for April Fools?
Surely not.

The good old 'don't get in the enclosure with the Gorillas' or 'stay behind the fence' always worked for me.

Can Opener Boy said...

Or "Make an enclosure the huge beast can't climb out of or jump over" ... or better still "allow the creature to remain in its natural habitat instead of putting it in a prison for our enjoyment" but maybe I'm waxing too socialist... =O)

Can Opener Boy said...

...but OH how I'd love a pair of those glasses -- I think they'll be big in some circles. I wonder if I'll find them on craigslist or eBay?

I'm picturing schoolkids wearing them in class, or just small groups of people wearing them on the street. Hilarious! Brilliant!

You just wait -- I'll bet the trend begins to show up soon!

ConradGempf said...

By coincidence, here at College, we're experimenting with with Lecturer-Friendly glasses. On the front, they portray eyes wide open and awake... and they don't need any eyeholes.

BJMonkey said...

Then the gorilla above you to your left gives a big thwack.