Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mr Brooks

Earl Brooks (Kevin Costner) is a successful businessman, devoted husband and father. He is also the 'Fingerprint Killer' named because he leaves behind the bloodstained fingerprints of his victims.

Mr Brooks is a complex being. At the beginning of the movie, he has restrained himself from killing anyone for over two years, attending AA meetings and focusing on his love for his wife and daughter. But, he is buckling again, aided and abetted by the brilliantly creepy Marshall (William Hurt), the 'devil on Brooks' shoulder'.

The cast includes an aspiring killer (Dane Cook), a clever but damaged investigator (Demi Moore) and Brooks' enigmatic daughter, Jane (Danielle Panabaker).

This is a well-acted and involving film. And for anyone who has enjoyed the Dexter franchise, this will make a very enjoyable 'compare and contrast' watch.

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