Thursday, January 22, 2009

SLR-like 'super zoom' cameras review

Digitial Photography Review have published a detailed group review of 7 of the latest 'super-zoom' all-in-one, not-so-compact digital cameras.

Some excerpts from the conclusion:

Joint winners: Canon SX10 IS and Panasonic FZ28

"...both offer reliable point and shoot image quality as well as comprehensive manual controls and both offer fast, responsive handling and logical user interfaces.

The Canon SX10 IS has the slight edge in image quality (especially at lower ISO settings), has the longest zoom range and by far the best viewfinder in the group, plus a list of features as long as your arm (including flash hot shoe and an articulated screen) and - unlike some of its predecessors - it is very keenly priced. But it's a big hulking beast of a camera that's getting close to entry-level DSLR size and weight."

"The Panasonic FZ28 feels less bulky, and though it lacks the Canon's style, it also feels a lot more user friendly (especially for the less experienced user). The larger screen, raw mode, clever AF tracking and HD movie capture are all welcome, and the high ISO performance is a lot better than we've seen in previous models (and noticeably better than most of the cameras in this group)."

"Ultimately the appeal of the FZ28 is that it is a small, light, reliable camera with a huge zoom that offers excellent image quality and is easy and fun to use."

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