Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Premium compact camera group test

Digital Photography Review have published an extensive comparison review of 6 high-end compact cameras.

Excerpts from the conclusion follow:

"Highly Recommended: Canon SD880 IS (Ixus 870 IS)"

"Canon makes compact cameras that do exactly what they should; take good pictures in a range of conditions with the minimum of fuss. The SD880 IS was the nicest camera in the group to use, has a sensible range of features and produces some of the best results. It has more than a dash of style, is fast and responsive and small enough to carry with you anywhere you go."

"Overall winner: Fujifilm F100fd"

"the F100fd isn't a camera you'll fall for immediately; it's not very pretty, the user interface is dated and it lacks the tactile appeal of the more designed cameras in the group."

"But where it matters - taking pictures - the F100fd shines, especially at higher ISO settings. If you ever shoot in less than perfect light the F100fd is just that bit better than anything else in this sector of the market."

"The F100fd did well in every one of our tests, whether shooting in broad daylight, in the studio or in a dimly lit bar. It's fast, reliable and has the best zoom range of any camera here. That it's also one of the cheapest is merely the icing on the cake; add it all together and you've got a winner - even if it is by the smallest of margins."

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