Monday, December 22, 2008

Best enthusiast digital compact

Digital Photography Review have produced a detailed review of 7 compact cameras aimed at people who would rather be using a DSLR, but don't want to carry around 10kg of kit with them.

Excerpts follow:

"Highly Recommended: Panasonic TZ5 and Canon PowerShot SX110 IS"

"The TZ5 is our favorite because it offers a proper wideangle, a better screen and slightly better high ISO performance, but the SX110 has better manual control and considerably more telephoto pulling power."

"Overall winner: Panasonic LX3"

"Panasonic has produced a camera aimed at photographers... instead of going for the easy option of adding even more megapixels and beefing up the other headline specs, the designers concentrated on the things that actually matter to a photographer."

"We get a fast zoom with a real wideangle, a superb screen and excellent image quality, including high ISO performance puts most competitors to shame. It's small enough to carry anywhere, fast and subtle enough for street photography and good enough to produce a decent 8x10 without the need to use raw."

"Of course it's not perfect; the controls are pretty fiddly and there's no telephoto to speak of. If you want more SLR like controls and a longer zoom - and don't mind the bulk - go for the Canon G10, [but] for a carry anywhere 'walk around' camera I'd go for the LX3 every time.


BJMonkey said...

I think this guy is really impressed with the camera...

brett jordan said...

by 'this guy', do you mean the reviewer, or the (deleted) spam commenter?