Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Nine things that make me go "!*#@!?"

1. Live albums where the intros are at the END of the previous track.
2. DVDs that won't let you navigate straight to the 'Play' menu.
3. Broken CD jewel case spindles.
4. Catching a sleeve on a door handle.
5. Stubbing a toe on a chair leg.
6. Biting your tongue/cheek while chewing food.
7. Blocked ink jet cartridges.
8. Navigating the majority of Flash-based websites.
9. People who use blog comments to sell their products.


Liam said...

Good list with which I concur on every point!

brett jordan said...

thanks liam

Major Look said...

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brett jordan said...

thanks major :-)

soraneko said...

I was expecting to see "people stepping on your heels". Some very good points :)

brett jordan said...

'stepping on heels' is a very good one ms neko, i've added it to my mental list :-)