Thursday, October 23, 2008

Edifier MP300 Plus 2.1 laptop speaker system

Register Hardware have posted a glowing (95% rating) review of Edifier's MP300 2.1 speaker system, available for as little as £30 from Amazon.

Excerpts follow:

"The MP300 comes in three parts: the 60mm diameter by 280mm tubular sub-woofer and two 55mm diameter spherical satellite speaker pods. The standard of manufacture is very high indeed, the woofer being constructed of aluminum while its base and the satellites are of high quality plastic."

"Edifier has thought hard about how best to utilise the space around a laptop, so the sub-woofer is intended to sit in the no-man's land behind the lid - out of sight, out of mind, but not out of earshot."

"All told, the MP300 weighs 1.3kg, but comes with a handy, padded nylon carry case and is certainly packable for long holidays."

"...the sound produced by the MP300 is excellent. Not excellent as in 'excellent by the standards of PC speakers' but excellent period."

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