Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Why I love the 'net

'Escape from New York' is one of the best bad films ever made. A celluloid pulp novel, 2-dimensional, ultra-violent and exploitational. So, when I saw it had been released in Blu-ray format, I was tempted to put it on my Amazon wish list. That is, until I read the Amazon customer reviews:

"...people on the net are now saying this Blu-ray is just and upscaled SD master. Now I don't find that hard to believe, because none of the quality in this film looked genuine. It's horribly edge enhanced and artificial looking... shame on Optimum for releasing this shoddy *fake* High Def Blu-ray. Avoid."

"As a huge Carpenter fan I was looking forward to this disc. Sadly when I inserted it into my PS3 what I saw was deeply disappointing. The picture quality is absolutely dreadful, completely lacking in detail and riddled with masses of so called 'edge enhancement'. It looks like a bad DVD, and nothing like high-def."

"This Blu-ray looks terrible. Edge enhancement (meaning halos around every person and object) is so strong that the film has a completely artificial, almost disconnected look (like printed from a collage made out of paper snippets). I feel double-crossed by Optimum and will be very careful with their future releases."

I hope these reviews don't get deleted.

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