Saturday, September 27, 2008

Vassiliki Bay, here I come!

As a teenager, I was a keen dinghy sailer, starting by crewing for my father in a Heron dinghy, graduating to, erm, Graduates, and then to International Moths. It all ground to a halt when I had to sell my dinghy to buy a moped, and I haven't sailed since.

So, 30-years later, I've booked a week with Wildwind, who run a sailing centre at Vassiliki, Greece. My intention is to see if I've remembered any of my old skills, and to find out if I still enjoy sailing as much as I did when I was a young'un.

Oh, and to spend a few leisurely evenings sipping red wine in a local taverna.


Mr Gnome said...

You to the wine-dark Homeric waters - and me to the chill mists of northern seas.

Have a tip-top time, sailor-boy!

brett jordan said...

and you Mr Gnome... take an extra cardy, and a thick string vest.

Mr Bill said...

Have a good time big brother - hope you really enjoy both the time on the water and off the water. Have some wine and homous for me!!