Sunday, September 21, 2008

Philips LivingColors

Geek Alerts reports: [edited]

The LivingColors lamp from Philips uses 4 LEDs to create a wide spectrum of colors (2 red, 1 blue, and 1 green). Use the remote control to increase, reduce, bright up or dim each LED, using over 16 million different colors.

The options on the remote are:

Colour Spectrum - By turning the colour wheel you can choose from an almost infinite variety of colours.

Colour Saturation - The ‘white balance’ button enables you to adjust the amount of white to create a deeper or softer tone of the same colour.

Light Intensity - You can increase or decrease the amount of light by using the dimmer button.

You can connect up to six LivingColors at any one time and synchronize them so that they all show the same colour. The transparent shell is flat on the bottom, ensuring the lamp is stable when placed on any flat surface.


BJMonkey said...

Ouch... £100 each?

brett jordan said...

yes, but think about it, that's only 0.000625p per colour :-)