Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Metro.fi 100 Noise Isolating Earphones

My favourite earphones are Westone UM1s. Based on professional 'monitor' earphones, they isolate noise, fit well, and deliver a natural and involving sound. On the downside, they aren't cheap, have the visual aesthetics of a 1930s hearing aid, and the wires are thin and scratchy on the skin.

My good friend Conrad (you know, the one who doesn't make much sense) got bought a pair of UM1s, and he loved them as well. Until one of the earphones stopped working. I told him that most of the stuff he listens to probably sounds better in just one ear, but he went out and got some new 'phones anyway.

Turns out he made a pretty good choice. They come in a tough plastic carry case, fit well, have a very warm, listenable tone-response and do a good job of noise-isolation. They also look good, and the cords have a comfortable 'shoe-lace'-style sheathing.

Available from amazon.co.uk for under £20, including delivery.


Conradgempf said...

I don't know why you keep saying that I don't make sense when it turns out that watermelons confiscate searchers irratically. I mean, Duh or what? How opportune is THAT?

See you Friday; I'll buy.

brett jordan said...

Interpretation please, Mr Bill.

Mr Bill said...

He has used the "Jabberwocky" filter in Quark Xpress which is similar to the "Lorem Ipsum" text that you used to get in Pagemaker.

At least I think that is what he has done, or it could be that he has used the copy and paste function from MS Office.

brett jordan said...

Dr Gempf probably knows about Quark and PageMaker, but as they were never released as 'freeware', it is doubtful that he has ever used them... and the chances of him using anything with the 'Micro$oft' logo on it is next to zero... my plea for enlightement continues