Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Creative Labs EP-630/A Earphones

If you're looking for 'cheap as chips', these budget 'phones are available from for under a fiver, they look OK, the customer reviews indicate they sound fine, and you won't be crying in your beer/smoothy if you lose/break 'em.


Liam Byrnes said...

thanks for the heads up, I am contantly breaking headphones, and hate the fit of the ones that come with the iPod. I used some good Sony headphones which weren't too expensive a little while ago called Sony MDR-EX71SLB which are about £15 are have god sound quality considering.

Major Look said...

These 'LOOK' identical to the Sennheiser CX500's, and they retail at about £35-£45.

I think I'll buy a pair of the creatives and see if they are the same- I have been really pleased with the Sennheiser CX's, so will be good to have a spare cheap pair of decent earphones around., Thanks.