Thursday, September 11, 2008

Boring old-people's music now available DRM-free

Passionato's aim is:

"to become the world's most comprehensive online classical resource and offer classical music lovers the largest available collection of high-quality DRM-free classical music downloads. Passionato provides access to catalogues from the two largest major labels (Universal Music and EMI Classics) as well as the key independent classical labels including Naxos (the biggest independent), Chandos (one of the premier British independent labels), Avie and Arts."

"Designed for classical music lovers, Passionato's main features are: DRM-free recordings, transferable to any portable device and burnable to CD; high audio quality downloads (320kbps DRM-free MP3 and lossless FLAC); access to free software the Passionato Player specifically developed to help organise users' existing Classical CDs alongside tracks purchased through the Passionato Store; an unprecedented level of recording information which users benefit from when they download a track, work or album, and when they import their own CD libraries to their computers; the ability to search Passionato's recordings using over 20 fields, including by work, composer, conductor, venue and recording engineer."

There is a '10-free track' offer running at the moment, so if you like music that is devoid of a decent back-beat, it might be worth checking out.


Teifion said...

I have already downloaded the free music and it's quite nice.

Does this make me a "boring old person"?

BJMonkey said...


brett jordan said...

well... you're not old :-)

Teifion said...

Thanks for the words of support and encouragement...