Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ostrich Eggs

Clarence Court reports: [edited]

Eggs at Waitrose have gone supersize. Weighing in at nearly 2kg, an ostrich egg is roughly equivalent to twenty-four large hens eggs and can take up to two hours to hard boil.

Ostrich eggs have a distinctive, light flavour and texture, making them ideal for cooking. For the culinary-minded, that’s almost one hundred meringues or thirty-two souffl├ęs.

Eggs are available in selected Waitrose stores during the ostrich-laying season of April to August.


Major Look said...

WOW! How long do they take to fry?

I wouldn't mind trying one actually - but I would be gutted if the egg was overdone after almost two hours of boiling!

And another thought - how many soldiers would you need?

brett jordan said...

I think you need 3 soldiers, two to hold the egg, and one to hit it really hard with a spade to crack it open.

conradgempf said...

Thanks for the notification, Brett, but we really need more details. How many megapixels has it got and what kind of sensor? How compatible is it with peripherals we might already own? Does it do bluetooth? Is it 'enterprise-ready'? Does it have an integral keypad for text-messaging?

brett jordan said...

All good points Mr Gempf.

However, when I approached the original manufacturers for more information they got in a flap and stuck their heads in the sand.