Thursday, July 31, 2008

We're back...

from a very enjoyable 7 days of sleeping, reading, sunbathing, swimming, eating, drinking and watching movies and TV episodes on the kidz' computers.

The journey was uneventful, and the trains were air-conditioned and comfortable. However 14 hours to get to the South of France is a little too long (Zak was losing the will to live by Lille, and even I was beginning to ask "Are we there yet?" by Avignon).

Oh, and don't believe anyone who tells you there will be plenty of room for your luggage. We spent the return journey from St Raphael to Lille with our suitcases precariously balanced on the table between our seats.

For pictures of our stay visit my Flickr photostream.

Now, off out to get tea, milk, eggs, bacon and pastries.


Mr Gnome said...

Welcome back!

Please, Brett, no more weight loss.

With that S of F tan, all you need is the specs and the dhoti and - he presto - Gandhi returns.

Sir Ben Kingsley would be cross.

BJMonkey said...

Don't relate dad to impressive people too much, he already has a big enough head :P