Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Roberts solarDAB radio

Roberts reports: [edited]

solarDAB is the world's first solar powered DAB radio. This stylish and compact portable radio has a solar panel integrated into the top of the unit which absorbs direct sunlight in order to power the radio.

There is a level indicator on the diplay screen that shows the strength of the solar level being absorbed, if the level is over half, the unit is being powered directly by the sun. The built in rechargeable battery pack is being continuously charged whilst the radio is in direct sunlight.

Once charged, the batteries will last up to 27 hours, the radio can then be used in complete darkness for this period until it will need re-charging either by sunlight or the mains adaptor.

It has a line-in socket for iPod/MP3 playback, and is available in white, black, pink, red or green. Size 190(w) x 110(h) x 80(d) mm. Weight 672g.

Price £80.00.

Thanks to Julie for the link


Mr Bill said...

Excellent - but why do all these radios that have the ability to have an input from an iPod always just have a stereo in jack, rather than a designated slot where an iPod could be snuggly slotted in and become part of the radio?

I know that there are other mp3 players out there, but all the others are rubbish.

brett jordan said...

i wonder whether it is because you have to pay a royalty to apple for their approval of the product?

Simon said...

I saw this being sold for £69 in Waitrose and was so very near to purchasing one. The ability to use "free" energy supplied by the sun appeals to me, as a student anything that cuts the cost of bills is a good thing. This is one thing to add to my birthday list.