Thursday, July 17, 2008

My wishlist for the next iPhone

The second version of the iPhone has arrived, and it is very hard to find a negative review of it. And there have been more of them sold in a weekend than most mobile phone models sell in a year. I will soon be the only person on this planet without one.

But I'm gritting my teeth and waiting. My 4-year-old 60GB iPod Photo is still working fine, and my Nokia E65 is more pocketable, and has useful features that the iPhone lacks.

So Steve and Jonathan, here's a few features to put on your 'iPhone III' to do list. Ta.

- 64GB of memory
- The option to use a keyboard via Bluetooth
- Wireless modem functionality
- A better camera, with optical zoom and video ability
- Stereo Bluetooth
- Cut and paste
- 640 x 480 pixel screen
- A 'big text and buttons' option for in-car use
- Ability to run .flv and .mov files
- WiFi streaming of music to Airport Express
- A micro-SD slot
- Option to view time/to do list in sleep mode


BJMonkey said...

Seems reasonable.
While we're on this reasonable list, why not add a lightsabre port and jetpack functions?

brett jordan said...

Doesn't it already have those?

BJMonkey said...

I wonder if you can get hold of any installable screen savers that show tim/to-do list, etc?

That's one thing that annoys me about my phone. You can see the time on the screen saver, but it's small so you can't just slip it out your pocket and peer down to see it. So a big clock would be best :)

brett jordan said...

My E65's screen saver is big enough to see, but for some reason or another it 'jumps around'... which is mad for something you're meant to be able to 'see at a glance'!

Major Look said...

One 'must have' feature on a phone is a light. My Sony K770 has this function (instead of a flash) and it has been v.useful.

Also - how about some 'profiles on the iphone/ipod. These would be great for someone like myself :
P1 - backlight on at all times (in car)
P2 - backlight on and dimmed
P3 - backlight off but on for 5 or 10 seconds (home and bedside use)

Surely it can't be that hard?

brett jordan said...

agreed... i wonder if there are apps being developed to do that kind of stuff?

Skep said...

While I can't disagree with any of those, you might want to be careful about this one...

- A 'Big text and buttons' option for in-car use.

Can't do that, advocates gadget use while driving, which now carries quite a heavy sentence, IIRC...

brett jordan said...

So, make it a 'aiding the partially-sighted' feature... or one that only works when it is in an official 'in-car' dock... just give me the option for something larger than 8pt helvetica for the artist and song titles :-)

Anonymous said...

and better battery life.