Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Mid-year resolutions

Yes, we have reached the 7th month of 2008. If you made any New Year resolutions, this is the time to check them and see how you are (or aren't) doing. And to do something about the 'aren'ts'.

In the interests of full-disclosure, these were my New Year Resolutions:

1. Develop my blog with more 'free-thinking' pieces
2. Sort out plans and finance for my house
3. Stop biting nails/fingers
4. Continue to develop core strength
5. Six-pack by summer
6. Add 1 inch to biceps
7. Address lower-back assymetry
8. Improve running time on 4 mile course by 2 minutes
9. Learn how to use DreamWeaver CS3
10. Learn how to use imposition software
11. Develop my photography, produce 12 printed pieces
12. Read through Bible in a year, straight through style
13. Begin to prepare 'Bible-in-a-year' blog
14. Design a typeface
15. Read at least one novel
16. Practice guitar for 20 minutes, 3 times per week
17. Write at least one song
18. Develop T-shirt design/production ideas
19. Design & produce a Christmas card

So far, I'm not doing too bad. 1-4 are all happening. The six-pack isn't there yet, but it is closer than it was in January. I've added an inch to my biceps. 7-10 have been addressed. 11 still needs the printed pieces doing. 12 is happening. 13-17 need addressing. 18 and 19 are in process.

I know that not everyone feels the need to make resolutions in this way. For me, it is a way of making sure that life doesn't simply drift (or, increasingly, fly) by without me knowing quite what I did.

Maybe think of one 'do-able' thing you would like to achieve, make a plan for how to do it and a date to do it by. Then do it.


Big Bad Pete said...

You could always swap 15 and 17 around and write a novel, for which you will need a new typeface (14), some photographs for the cover (11), and when it becomes a best seller that sorts out (2). You might have a problem with (3) near publishing date, - is the world ready for a mac toting maverick superhero?

Or is this a little too free thinking for you ??????

brett jordan said...

all sounds great to me pete, as long as it doesn't involve revoking a carnivorous lifestyle, i'm up for all the blue sky, out of the box, free thinking you can throw at me :-)

Big Bad Pete said...

Any updates????????!!!!!!!!!!!!

brett jordan said...

pondering doing a post on it in the next few days...

happy new year pete