Monday, June 23, 2008

Stranger Than Fiction

The best way to watch this film is to know as little about it as possible before watching it. Like 'Being John Malkovich', it is a surreal and involving film that (if you give it time) will draw you in to its fascinating, confusing and illuminating world.

If you love literature (and especially if you love analysing literature) this film is a must. If you hate literature (especially the analysis of it) grit your teeth and stick with it, you may learn something.

Actors-wise, Will Ferrel is at his most engaging and appealing. Emma Thompson is awesomely damaged and fragile. Queen Latifa is intelligent and sympathetic. Dustin Hoffman is uncharacteristically self-effacing and vulnerable. And Maggie Gyllenhal is going to marry me. No. Really. She is.

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soraneko said...

A new addition to father's harem - how exciting!

I was told to watch this because I could only remember really seeing Will Ferrel in AWFUL 'comedy' films. I really enjoyed it, too... very interesting film to watch :)