Monday, June 02, 2008

For twins who have everything

Uncommon Goods reports: [edited]

Whether they're identical or fraternal, twins are just as competitive as all pairs of siblings. The most common contest between twins? Who's older?

Set the record straight early on with these First Born and Runner Up one-pieces for newborn twins. The pair of outfits is the perfect gift for parents of newborn twins, and will go far to mitigate future confusion.

Sold as a set. $40.00.

via swissmiss


Big Bad Pete said...

And how much for the years of therapy that the " runner-up " will need in later life ???!!

brett jordan said...

Yep, I found 'em kinda creepy as well!

BJMonkey said...

I like it...
Now I want twins just for that...
And for all the possible name opportunities.