Friday, May 09, 2008

Two months with the Playstation 3

On the 15 March I walked out of the Harrow branch of Game with a 40GB PS3. Its primary purpose was to act as a Blu-ray player for my InFocus IN81 projector and Fujitsu P50XHA40 (catchy name that) plasma screen.

I blogged on my initial impressions, and after a couple of months using the PS3 here are some further thoughts...


- At under £300, the PS3 is the best-value Blu-ray player available.

- With its built-in WiFi, it also makes an acceptable web-browser.

- It plays avi/divx files, from CD/DVD or USB memory stick.

- It runs cool and quiet. MUCH quieter than the Xbox 360.

- The user-interface is fast and easy to navigate.

- The Sixaxis controller works fine as a 'remote', especially because it uses Bluetooth, so you don't have to point them at the PS3, meaning it doesn't have to be in 'line-of-sight' to be workable.


- It is fussy about where you put your files. Video files have to go in a folder called 'Video', etc.

- USB memory sticks have to be formatted to FAT32 (that's MSDOS if you're using the Mac OSX Disc Utility).

- The PS3 has to be left on to charge the Sixaxis controllers.

- It is 'region-locked', which means I can only play Region 2 DVDs. And yes, I have scoured the web for 'unlock codes' with no success.

- If you get an 'out of range' message when you are using an HDMI cable, it doesn't mean that your cable is faulty, or too long, it means that your screen doesn't accept the signal the PS3 is sending. In my case that means de-selecting '1080p' in the screen options before I connect it to the plasma screen.


- It plays games (Thanks to Brook and Zak for discovering this 'hidden feature').

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