Friday, May 23, 2008

Dell XPS M1710

Register Hardware has reviewed Dell's latest 'gaming' laptop.

Excerpts follow:

"The XPS M1730 represents Dell’s most focused gaming laptop to date. You’ll find the use of high-end components, two cutting-edge graphics chips and every feature you’re ever likely to need, all wrapped in a 17in chassis that screams for attention."

"Dell has christened this machine 'The Beast'. It measures 56mm at its deepest, and weighs 5kg. The bulk manifests itself in several plus points, one of which being excellent ventilation... the M1730 remained cool to the touch at all times."

"The spacious keyboard is ideal for all-night gaming sessions, and is one of the most comfortable we’ve used on a laptop. The large, individually mounted keys respond to the lightest of touches, yet have a long enough travel to prevent typos... the keyboard is backlit."

"The chassis is constructed from a combination of plastics and magnesium alloy, and the results are impressive. Both the palm rests and the screen surround resisted pressure with ease, and you can pick this machine up from the very corner without fear of any creaks or groans."

"...the display featuring a native resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels, with pin-sharp images on offer. Colours remain accurate across the width of the panel, and it’s a pleasure to use. Reflections can be problematic in direct sunlight – as with all such glossy panels - but it remained viewable in all but the brightest of lighting conditions."

"The display is supported by the best graphics set-up you’ll currently find on any laptop: two Nvidia GeForce 8800M GTX GPUs in an SLI configuration. With each chip connected to 512MB of dedicated video memory, the Beast promises far better performance than past gaming laptops."

"...the M1730’s 3D capabilities are quite frankly astonishing. The previous range-topping XPS offered good performance for a laptop, but it was always its all-round abilities that helped it to impress. In this case, the Dell comes as close to bridging the gap between desktop and laptop as we’ve seen to date."

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Drew/noclue said...

I have an XPS with XP Prof. Im the administrator for the pc. When my son leaves his account open for a while, the PC shuts down, the on/off button flashes orange. It's a power supply issue but I can't access power supply bc I'm not authorized to access "Power Policy management" for my son,a subordinate account. Any ideas?