Saturday, April 19, 2008

The real-life A-Team

Wired have published an excellent article about Titan Salvage, 'a highly specialized outfit of men who race around the world saving ships... a motley mix [of] American, British, Swedish and Panamanian. Each has a specialty — deep-sea diving, computer modeling, underwater welding, big-engine repair.

"And Habib, the guy who helicopters onto the deck of a sinking ship, greets whatever crew is left, and takes command of the stricken vessel."

It follows the rescue of a stricken deep-sea car transport, its 14 decks packed with 4,703 new Mazdas bound for North America. Estimated cargo value: $103 million.

via kottke


Glitter said...

Were they originally a crack commando unit that then escaped from a maximum security stockade? :P

Sorry, it was hard to resist.

Do they actually get paid for this or do they have regular day jobs too?

brett jordan said...


the article indicates that the rewards (along with the risks) are pretty huge.

Coel said...

I've found my new calling. What a terrific job to tell people at parties.

brett jordan said...

Unless you're Marty.

AaB said...

I want the job! How exciting.

And I guess it always goes smoothly, just like in the A-Team :-)

Oh, and as long as I don't get any of that Sea water on my cigars, "I love it when a plan comes together".